To apply relevant knowledge, skills and exercise professional judgement in assessing strategic position, determining strategic choice, and implementing strategic action through beneficial business process and structural change; coordinating knowledge systems and information technology and by effectively managing processes, projects, and people within financial and other resource constraints.

To apply knowledge, skills and exercise professional judgement in the application and evaluation of financial reporting principles and practices in a range of business contexts and situations.

To develop knowledge and skills in understanding and applying accounting standards and the theoretical framework in the preparation of financial statements of entities, including groups and how to analyse and interpret those financial statements.

To develop knowledge and skills relating to the tax system as applicable to individuals, single companies, and groups of companies. This is the Malaysian paper variant.

To develop knowledge and skills in the application of management accounting techniques to quantitative and qualitative information for planning, decision-making, performance evaluation and control.

To allow you to demonstrate certain specific transferable capabilities of the BSc in Applied Accounting programme. To use the experience gained by undertaking the OBU RAP to contribute to the development of other BSc in Applied Accounting programme capabilities.